Thursday, March 7, 2013

1950s Adverts - Courtesy of The

 1. (photo above) 1950's Cotton Capri pants or Pedal pusher with the white lace on the side and deep pockets on both sides. (Any pants with pockets is a big plus for me )

 2. 1950s Sanforized jeans with flannel lining . I've seen these come in girls - teen sizes too.

 3. 1950s Pedal pusher
 4.  1950s Cute Western stripe Capri Pants
5. Late 50's Candy Stripe capri pants.  
 6. 1950's Sanforized denim with snug fitting legs. Pants have two pockets with pearl snaps and a chamois-lined crotch. There are five western-type belt loops and a zipper.

8. 1950s Printed Capri pants.

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