Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodbye little star...

 I wish u were still alive..So, I can come n pick your ass up to go out and celebrate!!!! For all those times you came out your way to pick my asian ass up and go out n about. It's been almost a month and I still feel like your at work texting/calling friends asking "whats up bitch?? what's going on tonight? what r u up to?...there's a show....LET'S DO THIS!!!!" You left us so un expected, just like how you would show up un expected! I am so glad the time I got to talk to you is- when you worked at liberty with yo' long brown hair did and cute little mod dress,- talking about punk bands n shit. and we kept in touch ever since, even when i moved back to nyc. I would come visit James, you would always had time to hang out with me or come over to the house just to hang out. I miss you so much girl!!  you are like a legend. and legend never dies. xoxo

 the time I lived far ! I lived in Hollywood, ca , Whenever I was in long beach -4th street I would stop by and say hi and for shits n giggles :)

(below photo) for dave's birthday dinner! 

(photo below- we were driving back from don's our friend jess's birthday dinner, we couldn't f ind parking at the pike so we left, blasting out DJ quik, i decided to make this cat lady photo for her (lol)

Even if I don't get a call or text from her she will always come back and message me on fb and say "I lost my phone, woman, call me on my moms phone! I wanna go dance!"

(photo below was VLV 2012 she came and partied with us in the room. Dancing with miss. Xoch and Erica)

It was never a sour-dull-negative moment with this girl!!  I, see life so much differently than the way I did before. I will miss u so much, karlita !!!

 Karla doing Ms. Swan impressions! too good LOL

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